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Jean Sharlow to be Marcellus' Next Superintendent

Jean Sharlow, new school superintendent in Marcellus. Courtesy Marcellus Schools

Jean Sharlow has been selected as the new superintendent of schools for the Marcellus Central School District in Marcellus, New York. The decision was made unanimously by the Marcellus Central School District Board of Education. Currently serving as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, Data, and Assessment in the same district, Sharlow is expected to assume her new role in August.

Jean Sharlow has been with the Marcellus Central School District since 2019, holding the position of assistant superintendent. She will be taking over from Michelle Brantner, who has been with the district since 2016 and announced her retirement earlier, scheduled for this summer.

Expressing gratitude for her time working alongside Michelle Brantner, Sharlow acknowledged Brantner's leadership and mentorship, stating that it has provided her with valuable skills and confidence to take on the superintendent position in the district.

Jean Sharlow resides in Pompey, New York, with her husband, Paul.


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