SU Symposium Honors ‘Arrow of God’ Author Chinua Achebe
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Syracuse Children May Be More Likely to Get Flu
Some parents in Central New York aren't giving their children flu shots -- not out of choice, but because of shipment delays, which, according to a report by Excellus BlueCrossBlueShield, may make the children three times more likely to get the flu.   read story

New York-Bound Sunken Ship Yields Up Treasure Trove 157 Years Later
In 1857, SS Central America, known as “The Ship of Gold,” was bound for New York with 30,000 pounds of gold aboard. But on Sept. 12, a hurricane sent the ship, its treasure, and over 425 crew and passengers to the bottom of the ocean 160 miles off the coast of South Carolina.   read story

Gov. Cuomo, Kathy Hochul visit Southwest Community Center
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, his running mate for lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, and the Women’s Equality Party Coalition drew hundreds of supporters to the Southwest Community Center in Syracuse Saturday for a campaign-style rally for women’s rights, and possible votes in the November elections.   read story


Gov. Cuomo Outlines Response to Positive Test for Ebola Patient in New York City
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Governor Cuomo Outlines Ebola Preparedness Plan for New York State
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U.S. Department of Education Announces Final Rule to Help Colleges Keep Campuses Safe
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Death of Thomas Eric Duncan Gives Rise to Question: Where is the Surgeon General?
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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3 Ways to Protect Our Farmers This Fall
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Syracuse Community Summit, Keeping Kids in School Oct. 25
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Onondaga County Department of Adult and Long Term Care Services to hold annual community forums
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City announces updates to Barry Park
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Syracuse School Locks Child Away in Illegal Time-Out Room, Tries to Send Him to Psychiatric Program
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Women's Rights Groups Protest Rich Funke
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The "Meaning" of America
I can remember very well the innocence of my youth and the lessons of civics and citizenship I devoured while in grade school. It could rightly be said that I was a student of history and of government, and it wouldn't be until age and numerous disappointing experiences tempered my willingness to accept, without question, the philosophies that "made America great."   read story

What If the Ebola Epidemic Hit France?
( - When it comes to matters of trade and economics, experts are eager to speak of “globalization”. People are keen to talk about the dissolution of borders and the many ways that countries work together across the globe   read story

Readers Write: "An open letter To Rich Funke"
Editors Note: Betty DeFazio, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York's Action Fund Political Committe,has written the following letter to Republican Senate candidate Rich Funke, regarding his position on the Women's Equality Act:   read story

Voter Suppression
The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked an appeals court ruling that would have restored seven days of voting in Ohio. In just three sentences, the court reduced voting access to tens of thousands of Ohioans, in yet another effort to suppress the vote. In North Carolina, the Appeals Court granted an injunction to restore same day registration and out of precinct voting. It didn’t strike down early voting restrictions because of time constraints, but they did acknowledge that reducing early voting is a way to suppress the vote.    read story

Celebrate Farms and Schools
In October, America celebrates the harvest, and specifically initiatives to put healthy, locally-grown food on our children’s plates at school. And, it all starts with America’s farmers and ranchers.   read story

It’s time for black scholars to get off the academic plantation
When I first thought about getting a PhD in Business, I found out about the PhD Project. This ground-breaking initiative had the simple goal of creating more black professors to sit in the front of the classroom. It was established by the KPMG Foundation, and from what I understand, might have been inresponse to a series of complaints about racism that the organization had received in the past.   read story
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