NNPA President Envisions Black Press as 'Main Stream'
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NYCLU, State Reach Agreement to Improve Indigent Public Defense
The New York Civil Liberties Union, and the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, have announced the settlement of a lawsuit the NYCLU filed seven years ago, which overhauls public defense in five counties and lays the foundation for statewide reform of New York’s public defense system, a press release stated.   read story

SU Symposium Honors ‘Arrow of God’ Author Chinua Achebe
Syracuse University’s Department of African American Studies held a day-long symposium featuring local, national and global scholars to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe’s groundbreaking book, “Arrow of God,’’ on Oct. 17 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Syracuse.   read story

Syracuse Children May Be More Likely to Get Flu
Some parents in Central New York aren't giving their children flu shots -- not out of choice, but because of shipment delays, which, according to a report by Excellus BlueCrossBlueShield, may make the children three times more likely to get the flu.   read story


Zambian President Sata Dies, First White Interim President Since Apartheid is Appointed
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African Immigrants Rapidly Growing in the U. S.
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Findings Advise New York School Districts On Prospective Use of $2B Smart Schools Bond Act
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Gov. Cuomo Outlines Response to Positive Test for Ebola Patient in New York City
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Governor Cuomo Outlines Ebola Preparedness Plan for New York State
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U.S. Department of Education Announces Final Rule to Help Colleges Keep Campuses Safe
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Transition Bar - Night Club - Lounge


City Opens Outdoor Classroom at Kirk Park
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Super 8 films will screen movies by Central New York filmmakers Nov. 8
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Excellus awards $27,145 in grants to Central New York Non-Profits
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After Deliberation, CabFab Cabinet Makers Will Stay in Syracuse but Open Office in Pennsylvania, Too
The owners of CabFab, a high-end Syracuse cabinet maker, have decided that they will stay in the area after all. read story

Miner, Magnarelli announce $350,000 in State Funds for Northside Parks and Recreation Projects
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Syracuse City School District Celebrates National Food Day
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The Police Problem can be Easily Solved. The First Step is Wanting to solve it
The strange thing about the crime rate is, it can be lowered by either one of two things, increased police presence in high-crime areas, or the arrest of key officers participating in corruption that maintains high-crime in that same area.    read story

Green Party Stance: Hawkins, Nader Speak at Campaign Rally
Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for governor, said Oct. 25 that the recent statement by Gov. Cuomo that the state's health study on fracking will be completed by the end of the year means it is highly likely he will give a green light to fracking in New York, but won’t say so before election day.   read story

Good News or More Hype?
One outcome of the 2007-2010 housing market meltdown was that people, especially those with less wealth, found it more difficult to buy homes. With high unemployment (now dropping), flat incomes, and the requirement to put 20 percent down on a loan, homeownership had become an unattainable goal for many.   read story

The "Meaning" of America
I can remember very well the innocence of my youth and the lessons of civics and citizenship I devoured while in grade school. It could rightly be said that I was a student of history and of government, and it wouldn't be until age and numerous disappointing experiences tempered my willingness to accept, without question, the philosophies that "made America great."   read story

What If the Ebola Epidemic Hit France?
( - When it comes to matters of trade and economics, experts are eager to speak of “globalization”. People are keen to talk about the dissolution of borders and the many ways that countries work together across the globe   read story

Readers Write: "An open letter To Rich Funke"
Editors Note: Betty DeFazio, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York's Action Fund Political Committe,has written the following letter to Republican Senate candidate Rich Funke, regarding his position on the Women's Equality Act:   read story
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