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$31 million housing development will bring 52 new affordable apartments to Syracuse

Ben Lockwood, President & CEO of Housing Visions

A new affordable housing development called Creekside Landing is set to bring 52 apartments to various locations on the South and Southwest sides of Syracuse. The $31 million project, spearheaded by nonprofit organization Housing Visions, is expected to break ground later this year.

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced crucial state funding for Creekside Landing, which is one of 27 projects across the state to receive a total of $875 million in funding. Housing Visions will finance the development using a combination of low-income housing tax credits, grants, and loans from the state. The city of Syracuse will contribute $5 million, while private investors will provide approximately $14 million, according to Ben Lockwood, the president and CEO of Housing Visions.

The main component of the development involves renovating a vacant three-story building located at 416 W. Onondaga St. This building will house a mix of offices and apartments. The ground floor will be home to a workforce training office operated by Jubilee Homes, along with other office spaces. The upper two floors will feature 20 one-bedroom apartments with monthly rents ranging from $630 to $728.

Additionally, the project will include 16 two-family homes situated across various vacant lots. These duplexes will offer three- or four-bedroom apartments with rents ranging from $520 to $1,400. The homes will be distributed across different locations, including the 300 block of Shonnard Street, the 500 block of West Colvin Street, the 200 block of West Beard Avenue, and areas near the intersections of Beard and Midland Avenues, as well as Midland Avenue and West Colvin Street.

Qualification for the apartments will be based on income, with some units specifically reserved for very low-income tenants and others available to moderate-income tenants. As per recent legislation, the apartments will feature all-electric appliances and will be heated using air-source heat pumps.

Housing Visions aims to begin construction in the fall, with an estimated completion time of 18 months for the entire project. The development of Creekside Landing will contribute to addressing the need for affordable housing in Syracuse, providing more options for individuals and families in the community.


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