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The Annual Great NYS Fair Kicks Off in Syracuse on Wednesday, Aug. 23

The Great New York State Fair

The annual Great New York State Fair kicks off in Syracuse, New York on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023. This event takes place over the course of 13 days, concluding on September 4, 2023.

New York is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Taste NY program, which is the state’s official ‘eat local, drink local’ initiative. Taste NY showcases New York farmers and food and beverage producers, as well as the diverse and unique products grown and made in NYS.

According to event coordinators, the fair’s Horticulture Building brings together some of the very best growers, producers, manufacturers, and apiculturists from across the State, and includes a variety of interactive exhibits, seminars and product booths highlighting the diversity and quality of agriculture in New York State. In addition the Taste NY Pop-Up Market and Marketplace is expected to have expanded offerings, featuring more than 100 unique products, in a new location directly across from the Maple Booth.

Taste NY is also hosting a special Tasting Yard featuring seven local breweries at the fair’s Suburban Park. The Tasting Yard is an outdoor, patio-style food and beverage experience designed to feature a rotating selection of seven New York State craft breweries over the course of the Fair, giving visitors a taste of New York's world-class craft beverage products while they enjoy the musical acts, and giving brewers the opportunity to meet new customers.

“Here at the Great New York State Fair, we have the opportunity to showcase all that there is to love about New York, including the food. Since it first came to the Fair, Taste NY has helped us introduce our visitors to all the delicious foods and beverages that New York producers have to offer,” said NYS Fair Director Sean Hennessey. “The Fair is committed to sourcing as much New York food and drink as it can across our 375 acres, and the Horticulture Building is a great place for visitors to learn more about local food and agriculture and buy delicious local products to take home with them.”

Together, the Taste NY Marketplace and Taste NY Pop-Up Market will feature producers from every New York region.

Earlier this year, Governor Hochul announced that Taste NY has grown significantly since its launch in 2013, bringing over $100 million in economic impact to New York State producers over 10 years of the program. Over the last decade Taste NY has partnered with several major sports venues and formed partnerships with high profile event organizers to bring Taste NY products to major events, such as the Great New York State Fair, which draws more than one million visitors during its 13-day run.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Taste NY program, promote New York's county and youth fairs, and highlight New York State food, beverages, and agritourism, the Taste NY program kicked off its "Find Me at the Fair" contest.

Find Me at the Fair is a NYS-themed selfie station offering fairgoers an interactive opportunity to win prizes, including Taste NY regional gift baskets, and a chance to win the Grand Prize– VIP seating for concerts at the fair.

“While there are endless reasons to enjoy going to the Fair, at the end of the day, it’s all about the food. Over the last decade, Taste NY’s presence at the New York State Fair has continued to grow and expand,” NYS Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball said.


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