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Syracuse Department of Public Works Wins Transportation Project of the Year

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced that the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW) was awarded project of the year for its Speed Hump Pilot Program by the Upstate Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

The award is given to the top engineering project in the region and highlights the data-driven approach that DPW has taken with the implementation of speed humps across the city.

“Traffic calming is a key aspect of improving safety on city streets. We will continue to monitor these installations and iterate on new designs to make sure we are rolling out effective projects,” said Neil Burke, DPW Director of Special Projects. “These installations bolster additional efforts underway that support sustainable transportation across the city, such as the Municipal Sidewalk Program and fare-free transit for city employees.”

The city says it has installed more than a dozen ‘traffic-calming’ speed humps and cushions in neighborhoods and parks around Syracuse, contributing to the city’s Vision Zero initiative since 2021. The Department of Public Works collects radar data before and after installation to monitor any changes in traffic patterns. According to the city, DPW, in partnership with consultants from Fisher Associates, have worked closely with the Syracuse Fire Department to develop new “speed cushion” designs that slow passenger vehicles but allow fire trucks to pass through quickly without delay. The city plans to expand the locations included in the pilot in the fall of 2023.

“The Upstate Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers] award is a testament to Syracuse’s commitment to reduce speeding in residential neighborhoods and parks; and having a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries citywide,” Timothy Faulker, Senior Transportation Manager for Fisher Associates said. “Fisher Associates is proud to collaborate with the City of Syracuse on this project which aligns perfectly with our core purpose, which is to cultivate our gifts to create a legacy of infrastructure that improves quality of life”.

Mayor Walsh announced the City of Syracuse’s commitment to become a “Vision Zero” city in January 2023. Vision Zero is a global initiative aimed at eliminating all traffic fatalities and serious motor vehicle injuries in cities that participate in the program.

More information on Vision Zero is available at


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