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New Diversity, Equity Compliance and Social Impact Division Focuses on Procurement

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced a new division focused on pursuing social impact in city government procurement on November 1, 2023.

The new Division of Equity Compliance and Social Impact (DECSI) is part of the Office of Management and Budget. The division will better represent the City’s commitment to promoting diversity, fairness, and inclusivity by harnessing its purchasing power for economic, social, and strategic outcomes.

According to the city, DECSI, formerly known as the Office of Contract Compliance and Minority Affairs, which was part of the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development. The Syracuse Common Council approved the move to the Office of Management and Budget as well as a change in the office’s name in the city charter earlier this year (2023).

“The City of Syracuse is putting our money where our mouth is,” said Mayor Walsh. “The renaming and reorganization of the Division of Equity Compliance and Social Impact reflects our commitment to using our purchasing power to advance our vision to embrace diversity and create opportunity for all.”

DECSI, the city says, “will lead the development and implementation of proactive diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across city government.”

According to city representatives, one targeted initiative involves advancing the city’s strategic plan to increase opportunities to engage local and diverse businesses to better understand how to serve them. DECSI will continue creating engagements similar to its Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) outreach event in Sep. 2023 and Future Women in STEM event in Oct. 2023. DECSI is also integral to helping create wealth among disadvantaged communities in its ability to connect local vendors and small businesses to opportunities to earn government contracts.

“The City of Syracuse spends $143 million annually on contracted goods and services, from plowing snow to delivering broadband internet to residents. How we spend our money and who we spend it with matters. It impacts the quality of services delivered to residents and contributes to equitable economic development,” said Tim Rudd, Budget Director.


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